We present the advantages of investing in BSA projects

Privileged access to opportunities found throughout the Amazon territory through the TAP platform;
Participation in a pool, which reduces investor risks by diluting capital in several innovations, while protecting personal assets with the use of an investment vehicle tested in the market. (BSA signs loan agreements);
Support from a team with experience in large operations and acceleration of innovative businesses;
Visibility of investment evolution based on reports;
Participation in a select group of investors and a network with extensive executive/entrepreneurial experience;
The opportunity to support innovations that will generate jobs, sustainable development and leave a legacy.

Phase 1

Search and select the best deals

⚫ Universities

⚫ Incubators

⚫ Accelerators

⚫ Government Programs

⚫ Partner digital platforms

⚫ Civil society

Phase 2


⚫ Teaser

⚫ Infomemo

⚫ Intellectual Property

⚫ Valuation

⚫ Mentoring fin/adm/acc/law

⚫ Own resources

Phase 3

Go no go

⚫ Exit with sale of participation or new rounds of investment

⚫ Funds

⚫ Family Office




Phase 4

Go no go

⚫ Exit with sale of participation or new rounds of investment

⚫ Strategic






The main novelty of the law, which generates benefits for both the entrepreneur and the investor, is the distinction between angel investment and corporate participation. The angel investor does not become a partner in the company.

The investors are not responsible for the company’s obligations. The angel investor cannot, for example, be called upon to pay a labor or tax debt for the startup.